Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement 

The Mission Statement of the Booster Club is found in Article II of our Bylaws:

Section 1. The Objects (Purposes) of the Association are:
a.     To promote the welfare of the youth participating in the Coral Reef Senior High Baseball Team, at home, School, community and place of worship. As such, it should be clearly understood and expressed that the Association’s orientation, including its leadership, general membership, coach, and all other stakeholders, (hereafter referred to collectively as the “Association”) are the supporting vehicle that is responsible for fashioning a vision of excellence; for the Coral Reef Baseball program and, as such, will attempt, systematically, to create, organize, and supervise a fundraising structure and calendar in order to carry out the mandates of that vision. This fundraising framework will be constantly promoted through critical dialogue and constructive criticism to which all parties (stakeholders) are empowered with access. This process is to be conceived and carried out within a culture of ethical integrity and functional compromise. The Association will engender participation of all of the members of the Association by continually recruiting and empowering its stakeholders to serve in a capacity consistent with above said orientation. The rationale of the Association is that no matter what the intention, no person, entity, or organization can supersede the head coach’s authority with respect to team and player discipline, on field practice and game decisions, and the selection of player personnel and team assignments.
b.     To promote good sportsmanship, school spirit, leadership, community interest, and community service.
c.     To secure and use funds for the construction of fences, dugouts, concession stand, restrooms, scoreboard, lights, storage area, and press box area for the baseball field and other baseball related usages as deemed so by the Executive Board and/or the Association.
d.    To raise and secure funds to finance the development and equipping the program.
e.     To maintain the baseball field and facilities to always have them in good playing condition.
f.      To bring into closer relationship the home, school and program, that parents, teachers, directors (coaches) and sponsors may cooperate intelligently in the education and extra-curricular activities of the youth.
Section 2. The Objects of this Association are promoted through an enhancement program involving the cooperative efforts of parents, teachers, directors (coaches) and sponsors; are developed through conferences, committees, projects, and programs; and are governed and qualified by the basic policies set forth in Article III.
Section 3. The Organization is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding Section of any future Federal tax code (hereinafter “Internal Revenue Code”).